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Friday, March 15, 2013

Wired for Work: Get a Job FAST using LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter

Wired for Work: Get a Job FAST using LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter
In today's tough job market, it's hard to get the attention of recruiters or hiring managers. Routine job notices generate a blizzard of resumes, burying the best candidates. But now, you can get the inside track with free and low-cost networking tools. You'll get early notice of new job opportunities and direct access to hiring managers. Eight in 10 employers now use LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook to recruit or screen applicants. You can't afford to ignore these powerful new career tools. Don't get lost in the shuffle, find your dream job now: Discover new, unadvertised job opportunities. Cut through red tape and connect directly with hiring managers. Find your dream job at any company, locally or across the globe. Discover today's hottest, most effective job-search tools. Build and expand your network of business contacts. Get powerful recommendations for your next job or promotion. Learn how to polish your online reputation. Discover warning signs of job scams and rip-offs. Find your next job or easily find a new career path. Create your own personal brand. Market yourself and build your reputation. Beat competing job candidates to the punch!

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