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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The LinkedIn Playbook for Enterprise Sales Professionals

The LinkedIn Playbook for Enterprise Sales Professionals
In the LinkedIn Playbook for Enterprise Sales Professionals, you'll gain actionable insights into how to harness the networking value of LinkedIn to meet new sales prospects and produce measurable sales results through professional networking in LinkedIn. Topics covered include: • Leveraging a Robust LinkedIn profile • Prospecting Strategies That Work • The Importance of Your Network to Achieve Sales Results • Expanding Your Network • How to Get Found by Your Prospects • Advanced Networking Techniques Key Take-Aways • How to accessorize your LinkedIn profile for maximum sales potential • How to develop (both) professional and social credibility • How to make influential connections that can produce sales opportunities • How to expand your network to achieve sales results • How to do sales prospecting using “company” and “profile” mining strategies • How to leverage advanced search to streamline your LinkedIn sales activities • How to stand out from the crowd using LinkedIn messages • How to avoid costly mistakes using LinkedIn for enterprise sales development Authored by Bernie Borges, nationally renowned social media expert and instructor with the American Marketing Association, as well as published author and CEO of internet marketing agency, Find and Convert. Bernie fast tracks advanced techniques which have taken him years to master. In print form, this book is 10 pages. It's written in digestable segments with an executive summary that captures all the key action steps. If you're serious about using LinkedIn to accelerate your enterprise sales results, you should invest in this book. In about 20 minutes, you'll improve your ability to use LinkedIn at an advanced level for high paying sales results.

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