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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Internet Marketing Guide Magazine - Issue 5 (IMG Issue 5)

Internet Marketing Guide Magazine - Issue 5 (IMG Issue 5)
This month's Internet Marketing Guide - Issue 5 is all about social media marketing and recession proofing your business for 2013. There is no getting away from the fact that internet marketing and social media marketing is the way forward. With so many people owning iPhones, tablets and other types of computerized accessories advertising in national and local newspapers does not have the same impact as mobile marketing. One firm that has realized this is Smart Phone Creator Ltd and to help businesses and investors understand the true value of internet marketing and social media marketing we have produced a monthly magazine. Published by this company the Internet Marketing Guide, IMG for short, is available through kindle. It is an invaluable publication which will help local businesses succeed online. It is full of marketing tips that will put businesses large and small in the spotlight and enlighten them about how useful media marketing is to their company. A lot of companies do not understand social media and think that Facebook is just a site to chat and exchange trivia. But in fact social media is here to stay and one of the most valuable articles in this magazine covers secret formulas for a successful Facebook campaign. Thousands of people all over the world log into Facebook every day and it is one of the most useful social commodities to get your business message over to the world and IMG tells you how to do this in a few easy steps. You can also read about how search engine Google loves your business and actively encourages companies and investors to seriously consider internet marketing as opposed to paper advertising or media publicity campaigns. More people log into the internet and social media sites now and they spend more hours online than they do listening to the radio or watching television. That is why social media marketing and mobile marketing has overtaken television advertising which is becoming more and more expensive. In this monthly magazine you will be able to learn Facebook's top marketing secrets and pick up simple online strategies to increase your company's profit margin. There are pages of recession busting business advice and discussions on why businesses are not profiting from mobile marketing. IMG also contains some fascinating trivia like if Twitter was a country it would be the 12th largest in the world and the majority of mobile users take calls and search online when they are using the bathroom. 80% of consumers say bad reviews puts them off purchasing a product even if the business has been recommended by a friend. By the time you have read this publication from cover to cover you will know how to recession proof your business and move forward into the New Year so it will dominate the market. So why should you ensure you read Smart Phone Web Creator's kindle magazine every month? Social Media is here to stay and social media marketing is the way forward Learn the secret formulas to run a successful internet marketing campaign on Facebook Find out how to give your website a makeover and put it on Google +

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