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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How To Know If Mobile Marketing Is Right For Your Business: A Realistic Guide To The Costs And The Benefits

How To Know If Mobile Marketing Is Right For Your Business: A Realistic Guide To The Costs And The Benefits
Mobile marketing is still in its infancy, and because it’s predicted to be huge, everyone wants to get in on the ground floor. But the big question is: who’s making money off of it and how? Each text message costs money and if you’re looking at a long list of customers, those messages will add up quickly. So in this audio, you’ll hear all about the realistic side of mobile marketing from an expert who admits that nobody is really making any money off of it yet, but that will probably change in the future. So he says you may want to get yourself educated and ready right now, and this audio will help you do that. You’ll Also Hear… • Where mobile marketing is today, where it’s headed, and what that means to you • Technical terms explained – what is a 3g/4g network, short message service (SMS), multimedia service (MMS), keywords, shared services – and how they all work together • What SMS aggregators are, how much they charge, and why you need to go through them in mobile marketing • Examples of specific mobile marketing campaigns that are working and some possibilities for the future • All about the barriers that may prevent you from diving in full force including the limited battery life of phones, power consumption needed for integration, downloading restrictions, and more • How to get value from your text messaging: The kind of information you can collect when someone text-messages you, and how to use texting to track your marketing campaign with almost 100% accuracy • How to combine your email with your phone to cut the costs of mobile-marketing promotions and some ways companies are already getting around costly “carrier billing” There’s a lot of hype around mobile marketing right now. Everybody wants it to be the next best thing. And although there are indicators that it’s headed in that direction, there are also a lot of barriers that prevent any real moneymaking today. And this audio will give you a realistic inside look at this new media platform, along with some tips and tricks on how businesses are making the most of it right now.

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